Laura Ayén

Fashion Styling & Creative Consultant | Personal Styling services

«When it comes to work, I like to show my roots, my love for the countryside where I grew up and the traditions that have surrounded me in Andalusia. The study for the Spanish regional costume is my hallmark and as a stylist, I want to provide an innovative, creative and artistic vision of the fashion combined with traditional elements. Give a new approach to cultural elements, such as regional costumes, but innovating the theme and, most importantly, keeping the essence.»

In 2012 I came to Madrid to study Fashion Design and Creative Direction at IED Madrid and after four years of career, in 2016 I started my internship at ATRESMEDIA where I was working until 2018. This job gave me the opportunity to work both day to day television day as in shootings, commercials and programs.

While I continued studying and I did the Image Consulting and Personal Shopper course, in addition to doing the Diploma in Public Relations, Visual Merchandising and Styling from the Elle Fashion School and the Complutense University, obtaining a one-month internship at LOEWE Perfumes (Casa Decor).

In February 2018 I had the opportunity to work for VOGUE Spain and with the stylists, we did the editorial for the magazine’s 30th anniversary, based on my final degree project and since then I have worked as an assistant for a fashion brand in Madrid, 7.ROOMS, where I am in charge of carrying out different tasks (web, social networks, content creation, newsletters, packaging, styling assistant or artisans research) and I also collaborate with La Cobalta (COBALTO STUDIO Barcelona) where we have developed Balearics, a set of 4 books where I have been in charge of cultural research, coordination and development of texts.

At the moment, I work as a freelance stylist, image consultant and Personal Shopper.

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