Edited by La Cobalta in Barcelona, 2020.

Inspired by the Mediterranean Sea, more specificly by the unique Balearic Islands and the folkloric phenomena that surrounds it. BALEARICS is born, a project with the purpose of collecting and depicts the traditions and roots that make us who we are.

Four books presenting the investigation and documentation of years of study where important experts and historians in the subject have collaborated and become a part of its pages to give rise to this 100 numerated units monograph conceived as a work of art.

Culture, gastronomy, architecture and tradition come together to portray the intangible part of it experience through photographies, documentation and illustrations.

A monograph with sea taste and Mediterranean breeze where we value the essence of each tradition, reviving and depictting them so that they last over time.

In collaboration with: Adrià Cañameras, Alba Yruela, Balthazar Klarwein, Nacho Alegre, Wai Lin Tse, Adrián Catalán, Ana Mirats Studio, Marria Pratts, Carlos Castillo, Laura Ayén, Gabriel Escámez.


Art Director Gabriel Escámez (@gabrielescamez)
Text Collaborators Francesc Vallcaneras Jaume, Pere Salas Vives, Jaume Julià Andreu, Joan Socies Fiol y Gabriel Mayol Arbona, Francisco Bergas Pastor, Damià Bosch Bosch, Pilar Vinent Barceló, Junta directiva de la federació de Colles de Ball i cultura popular d´Eivissa, Pep Escandell Verdera, Rita Costa Ferrer.
Cultural research, coordination and text development Laura Ayén

Photographers Nacho Alegre (@nachoalegre), Adrián Catalán (@adriancatalan), Balthazar Klarwein (@balthazarklarwein), Adrià Cañameras (@adriacanameras), Wai Lin Tse (@wailintse), Alba Yruela (@albayuela).

Illustrator Marria Pratts (@marriapratts)
Graphic design Ana Mirats (
Translations María García Castaño, Thomas Lampon-Masters
Production Cobalto Studio (



Revista AD

Arquitectura y Diseño

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