ORIGEN is a set of photographs resulting from the ADN project (final degree project), a project whose concept is Spanish regional clothing and which aims to show a cultural theme from the perspective of fashion. The collection makes up a set of different photographs, a selection of ten costumes belonging to seven Spanish regions, in which the models pose in front of a white canvas as if it were an old portrait.

The photographs show a contrast between tradition and modernity. And this contrast is shown in the chosen models, a selection of four models among which are two senior models who represent tradition and who belong to an association that today maintains these customs, and two young professional models who give the touch from fashion to concept.

The clothing they wear also reflects this contrast and therefore senior models wear regional costumes, in many cases unique pieces over eighty years old, compared to young models who wear regional pieces mixed with current clothing. A contrast in which, despite introducing current garments, it has been tried to maintain the essence, craftsmanship and work behind these regional costumes.


Photo Pablo Baudet (@pablo_baudet)

Assistant Julio Juan Arroyo (@juliojuanarroyo)

Styling, art direction and creative direction Laura Ayén

Make up and hair Antonio Romero (Ana Prado Management) (@antonioromeromakeup)

Video Nadia Navarro

Models Vasilis Mihas (Uno models) / Anais (Blow models) / Francisco Rabadán and Cuca Valero


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