Patrimonio Nacional

Editorial based on my final degree project for the celebration of the 30th anniversary of VOGUE Spain, for which I made the selection of regional costumes and accessories, in addition to helping with the styling of the looks. April 2018 Issue.

«Models Marina Pérez, Steffy Argelich and África Peñalver mix with bailaor El Yiyo, trap musicians

Yung Beef and La Zowi and other protagonists of the Removida Madrileña in images that celebrate our richness and cultural diversity. With them, the regional costumes and current collections build a bridge between tradition and modernity. Or what is the same, the past, the present and the future of fashion» VOGUE SPAIN.


Photo Nico Bustos

Carrying out Juan Cebrián and Sara Fernández – Assistants Isabel Llanza, Laura Sueiro and Patricia López

Creative direction Debbie Smith

Selection of regional costumes Laura Ayén and Andrea Orejas

Hair Joseph Pujalte – Assistant Paloma Barba

Make up Manuela Pane – Assistant Afrika von Technik

Set design Gabriel Escámez (Cobalto studio) – Assistant Javier Pérez

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